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Community Outreach, Crime Prevention and Safety and Security Services

Crime Prevention

We educate the campus, local residential and commercial communities about crime prevention through activities that include safety information sessions, exhibition tables, the website, presentations, workshops and sight security surveys.

Presentation topics include general, personal and workplace safety, sexual assault awareness, domestic violence issues, auto/housing/personal property theft prevention and alcohol/drug awareness.

UCPD staff, along with other campus departments, meets with and conduct presentations for incoming students and their parents and siblings. These sessions are designed to introduce the new students and their families to life on campus, safety issues, UCPD services and available resource information. UCPD station tours highlighting police, emergency medical and escort services are conducted for family members of new students.

Security Surveys

UCPD’s crime prevention unit also provides site security surveys for various departments on campus.  For more information about security surveys, including how to request one, please visit:

These comprehensive surveys assist UCLA in obtaining funds for various laboratory facilities involved in research and maintain other grants. We work with Environmental Health & Safety, UCLA medical centers, and various Los Angeles County, city and federal agencies in order to maintain our compliance with all the rules and regulations that govern those grants. The site security surveys are also made available for campus community as well as individual citizens, residential and commercial building owner/managers, who request our services.

Rape Prevention and Programs and Partnerships

UCPD maintains a strong partnership with the CARE (Campus Assault Resources and Education) program. CARE is a safe place for survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking to get support, consultation, and have a safe place to talk. It offers several response and prevention services. The CARE team has special expertise in assisting students who have been impacted by sexual assault. CARE is located in The Counseling Center at Wooden Center West.

UCPD is a co sponsor of the Bruin Self defense class offered at Wooden Recreation center. This class is designed to keep students safe while studying at UCLA. Each week instructors cover numerous basic self defense topics (i.e. strikes, kicks, blocks, etc.) and also specific self defense topics (i.e. weapons defense, attacks from behind, car attacks, muggings, and sexual assault defense). The class is FREE to all UCLA students and UCLA Recreation members and is held every Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 P.M . (academic weeks 2-9).

Alcohol Diversion and Education Program

UCPD in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office sponsors the Alcohol Education and Diversion program. This project provides the PD the ability to refer alcohol incidents and behaviors that may have resulted in citations, such as Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Drinking in Public violations to the Dean of Student’s office for participation in the program. The program’s purpose is to focus on education and rehabilitation to affect behaviors and encourage healthier lifestyles.

Off-campus Community Involvement

The crime prevention unit, in conjunction with the Office of Residential Life provides an annual training session on various sexual assault topics to the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency, which sponsors rape prevention and self-defense classes at the hospital in city of Hawthorne.

We also participate in the “I Am Going to College” program, which is an outreach program designed to introduce high school students to college life, sponsored by the UCLA Athletic Department. This program is very successful in encouraging high school students to attend college by providing an opportunity for them to visit the campus and get familiar with the various aspects of life at UCLA. The crime prevention unit introduces these students to law enforcement and other emergency services available to the campus community.

On the national level, we provide training and presentations to the National Youth Leadership Forum, which sponsors potential medical students to attend UCLA for medical seminars. This is an opportunity for these students to interact with law enforcement and medical professionals and hear about their daily responsibilities and challenges related to the legal/medical field.

Web Page and Listserv Program

The UCPD web page is routinely updated and improved to provide information on UCPD and public safety to the community. Crime briefs and safety alerts are posted routinely. The crime briefs notify the campus community about recent crime activity or trends in and/or around the campus. The safety alerts provide timely warnings about significant crimes impacting the campus. Additionally, these alerts typically include information to prevent victimization. Copies of safety alerts and most of our crime brochures are easily downloaded from the website.

The Safety Listserv, established in 2000, is continuously growing and includes all UCLA building coordinators. General information and crime bulletins are periodically sent to subscribers.


Crime Prevention
Phone: (310) 825-6111
Fax: (310) 206-2058
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Business Hours
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Station Hours
24 hours a day, 7 days a week