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Alarm Services

UCLA PD provides security alarm system monitoring and police response to alarm activations. For more information about these services or for general inquiries, please email the Alarm Coordinator. Technical services such as alarm maintenance and repair are provided by the Facilities Alarm Shop.

Installing or Modifying an Alarm System

The Facilities Alarm Shop is responsible for new system installations and modifications to existing alarm systems. To request service or an estimate, submit an online Facilities Service Request (FSR).

Malfunctioning Alarm Systems

If your alarm system experiences a malfunction during business hours, call Facilities Customer Service at (310) 206-8847 or submit an online Facilities Service Request (FSR). After hours call the Facilities Trouble Desk at (310) 825-9236. Alternately, UCLA PD dispatch can make after hours repair requests on your behalf, but an additional service charge will be added by UCLA PD to the total cost of repairs.

Changing Alarm Account Information

Changes to alarm account information can only be made by the designated departmental contact person for the alarm account or by an emergency contact. To change the details of your alarm account or to update your alarm authorization list, use the Alarm Monitoring Account Information Form or email the Alarm Coordinator at

It is strongly recommended that you review and update your account details every six months.

Charges for Monthly Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring fees are recharged to the customer by UCLA PD Alarm Services on a monthly basis. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Monitoring charge for 1 – 2 detectors $27.50/month
  • Monitoring charge for 3 – 10 detectors $55.00/month
  • Monitoring charge for 11 – 20 detectors $82.50/month
  • Monitoring charge for 21 – 30 detectors $110.00/month
  • Monitoring charge for 31 – 40 detectors $137.50/month
  • Monitoring charge for > 40 detectors $137.50/month plus $27.50 per set or partial set of 10 detectors
  • Monitoring charge for open/close reporting $10.00/month per alarm account

Charge for False Alarm Activations

When police officers respond to an alarm activation and determine that no crime has occurred, the activation is considered a “false alarm”. The fee schedule for excess activations is as follows:

  • First three activations in a fiscal year – no charge
  • All subsequent activations – $110.00 each
False alarm fees are billed on a monthly basis, with false alarm counts resetting each year on July 1.

Notifying UCLA PD When Arming or Disarming an Alarm System

If a customer has chosen the open/close reporting service for their alarm system, a signal is sent to the main alarm panel in UCLA PD Communications each time the alarm is armed (close) or disarmed (open). The person arming or disarming the system will call UCLA PD Communications at (310) 825-1491, identify themselves and the area they are calling from, and give the code word if applicable. The dispatcher will log the information into the dispatching system. For opening signals, police will be sent to the area after three minutes if a phone call from an authorized party is not received. False alarm charges will be assessed when applicable.

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