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About the CSO Program

The Community Service Officer (CSO) Programs are a primary outlet for student participation in campus safety at UCLA.


  • Provide evening escorts from dusk until 1 a.m., 365 days a year
  • Patrol or are stationed in designated campus buildings, parking lots and libraries, as well as all residence halls, acting as the “eyes and ears” of UCLA Emergency Services
  • Are a liaison between students and UCLA Dispatch, providing a valuable service to the UCLA community

All CSOs carry a two-way radio, and are trained on how to describe situations for emergency services. CSOs are not required to intervene, or endanger themselves on the job. Hours are flexible, and cater towards your own class schedule. Pay is very competitive, with a base rate of $18.50 and promotions available up to $23.13. If you have any questions, contact the CSO Programs at (310) 825-9800.

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To be a CSO you need to be a UCLA student in good standing, with at least one year remaining in school. Some kind of previous work experience is preferred, but security experience is not necessary. You need to be able to work at least fifteen hours a week during an academic quarter, and have a valid driver's license. A clean criminal record is also helpful.
No, CSOs are not police officers. They serve the community, but do not enforce laws, or write anyone up for UCLA Policy violations. They don't break up fights, arrest anyone or otherwise "get physical." They aren't trained in martial arts.

Field Escorts

People can receive nighttime escorts from a CSO within the approximate boundaries of Sunset Boulevard to the north, Hilgard to the east, Wilshire to the South, and Veteran to the west.

Residence Hall Patrols

CSOs are hired by UCLA Housing to patrol and monitor the residence halls every night.

Library Shifts

CSOs patrol all campus libraries daily. Also, the larger libraries have posted CSOs at the entrances to observe and monitor foot traffic.

Building Security

CSOs monitor and restrict access to various buildings on campus as well as conduct rounds. This allows many buildings to be open for student use after regular staff hours.

Special Events

Often, the CSO Programs are hired by campus departments or private companies to provide various security services for temporary "special" events or activities. This includes UCLA Athletics, fire control duties, Campus Move-in/Out, etc.

Promoted positions

The Bicycle Patrol, CSO Dispatchers, Field Training Officers and Supervisors are all promoted positions with certain requirements and training being necessary in order to work the shift.

You can pick up an application either at our office, located at 601 Westwood Plaza, or here on the website. Applications can be downloaded here, and submitted via email.