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Community Services Division

The Community Services Division, managed by a Lieutenant, is a resource for the department and community. Among the Division's responsibilities are Emergency Medical Service (EMS), CSO Programs, Public Information, External Affairs and Campus Liaison, Community Education, Special Projects, and the Police Chief's Advisory Council.

Crime prevention efforts are designed to enhance public safety awareness and prevent crime through education, environmental design, and outreach. In 2019, crime prevention presentations/activities directly reached a record number of approximately 63,000 students, faculty, staff, and others. West Side Initiative meetings are held quarterly at UCPD to enhance communication with local apartment managers/owners and the adjacent residential community housing a large number of students. The Crime Prevention Unit is collaborating with UCLA’s transportation department on bike safety/theft prevention. Our department works with the Office of Residence Life to improve overall security for the students living on campus. We offer complimentary site surveys to our campus partners in an effort to address or improve current safety concerns. We provide assistance/staff to the Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC) Internal Vice President with the Campus Safety Alliance, a representative committee interested in safety and related issues.

Representatives from UCLA PD are active on campus committees such as the Consultation and Resource Team, Council on Diversity and Inclusion, and the Safety and Security Committee. UCLA PD is a partner with the student organization, 7000 in Solidarity, supporting their efforts to encourage reporting, provide preventative education and assist survivors of sexual assault. Members of the department are actively involved in the implementation of the new federal and state mandates with respect to sexual assault, Title 9 and the Violence against Women Act.

We continue to work with representatives from student government and other organizations to discuss campus concerns and seek common solutions. UCPD has developed a Diversity Committee to support dialogue, and to encourage trust and respect with diverse groups, while advancing True Bruin values in our community. This committee provides ongoing training to UCPD officers and offers workshops to the campus community to promote better understanding between the police department and the community we serve.

UCLA is in an active media market and has a number of events/situations of interest to news organizations. We are challenged to provide accurate and timely responses to complex issues. The UCLA PD web page provides information about UCPD and public safety, and also includes the posting of news briefs, crime briefs, and safety alerts. These briefs and alerts notify the campus community of recent crimes or trends in the area. The safety alerts provide timely warnings about significant crimes impacting the campus. Interested community members are also able to obtain information from our Listserv.