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Theft Prevention

Theft is the most common crime reported to UCLA PD. Theft is a crime of opportunity. Make the thieves’ job risky and more difficult, and you stand a good chance of stopping them before they get your property.

Your First Line of Defense

Don’t leave your property unattended, not even for a minute. Yes, it is inconvenient to pack up your belongings every time you use the restroom or grab some fresh air, but having to file a police report is inconvenient too. If your property is stolen, file a police report!


  • Do not leave your property in plain view.
  • Portable GPS units, cell phones, and laptops are popular items among thieves.
  • Take these items with you or secure them in the trunk.

Securing Your Bike

  • Use a good quality U-Lock. Avoid cable locks that can be easily cut with small, easy to conceal wire cutters.
  • Lock the frame AND the front wheel to the bike rack.
  • Lock your bike in an area that is open to public view. Concealed areas give thieves a place to work without being seen.
  • Report suspicious persons that you see hanging around bike racks.
  • Know your bicycle’s description. Record the color, make, type, and serial number.

Dining Areas

This is a popular area for thieves because they mix in well with the crowds. Don’t leave valuables unsecured. Use the lockers or take valuables back to your room.

Wooden Center/Drake Stadium

Don’t leave backpacks unattended while working out. Keep cell phones and keys on your person.

Resident Halls

  • Don’t leave valuables unattended in common areas.
  • Don’t prop doors open.
  • Don’t allow unknown persons to follow behind you and enter a key access restricted area.
  • Report suspicious people.