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Meet UCPD: Fraternity/Sorority Lead Officer Larissa Amezcua

Officer Larissa Amezcua

With approximately 3,400 students involved in Greek life at UCLA, keeping them safe is a major priority for our department. As Fraternity/Sorority Lead Officer, Larissa Amezcua not only educates members of the Greek community about safety, but also builds relationships that go far beyond her law enforcement duties.

Officer Amezcua has been with UCPD for three years, also serving as a gun range instructor and Field Training Officer, among other responsibilities. While on patrol, she is assigned to any calls related to fraternities and sororities, including noise complaints, thefts, or fights that break out. She regularly meets with their members, going to their houses and presenting on topics such as sexual assault and alcohol and substance abuse. As the Lead Officer, she is also in constant contact with the UCLA Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

An important part of her role is building trust with the fraternities and sororities. When they receive an infraction such as a noise complaint, Officer Amezcua is transparent with them as to the potential consequences. But she also enjoys building personal relationships with the students, such as helping those who may be struggling with classes or figuring out what career to go into.

“I like the fact that I can serve as a mentor, an educator, and I can bring resources to students when they need them,” says Officer Amezcua.

She herself was influenced by officers she worked with while serving as a student Community Service Officer (CSO) at California State University, Long Beach. That experience solidified her interest to pursue a law enforcement career, especially one in an active campus community such as UCLA. She especially enjoys the close-knit connections she’s made at UCPD.

“I get to do what I love, and I get to do it with the people that I care about, and people that I trust,” she says.

Fraternities and sororities who would like to have Officer Amezcua give a crime prevention presentation or answer questions about campus safety can reach out to her by email.