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Meet UCPD: IT Division

IT Division members Garbiel Lomas and Monica Jeong

As a modern police department, UCLA PD prides itself on using the latest technology to combat crime. Those innovations are implemented by the IT Division comprised of Information Systems Manager Gabriel Lomas and Security Video and Communications Specialist Monica Jeong.

Gabriel first worked with UCPD while at Facilities Management before transferring over in 2019. He now manages the technical needs of the police department such as computers, cell phones, tablets, and wireless connectivity for patrol cars.

Monica previously worked in the admissions office of Santa Monica College, and before that with an ambulance company as an EMT and administrative assistant. She is now responsible for UCPD’s radios, body cameras, and security video systems around campus, helping with investigations if camera footage needs to be reviewed.

“I find it really interesting keeping up to date with the new technologies that are coming out when it comes to law enforcement,” says Monica.

The latest technology includes body cameras that turn on automatically when the patrol car siren is activated or when another officer is nearby. Tablets in the cars have a detachable keyboard where officers can write reports, review dash cam footage, and look up booking photos in a LA County database.

UCPD will soon be joining the countywide radio system, which will provide better reception for officers dispatched to locations outside of Westwood such as off-campus housing or the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center.

“It's fun and exciting to start a project from the beginning and then see it all the way through completion, and then see people utilize it,” says Gabriel.

Even though they are two of the few department employees who aren’t public-facing, Gabriel and Monica enjoy working behind the scenes to support their colleagues.

“We want to make sure that they have all the technology that they need while they're in the field,” says Gabriel. “We're here to support the people who need supporting and that’s why we do what we do.”

Monica feels the same way about her role. “I like supporting our officers who are on the front line,” she says, “and I personally find that really satisfying."