Racial/Bias Based Profiling

Racial/Bias Based Profififiling


The UCLA Police Department strives to provide law enforcement to the community with due

regard to the racial and cultural differences of those served by the Department.

It shall therefore be the policy and practice of the Department to provide law enforcement

services and to enforce the law equally and fairly without discrimination toward any

individual(s) or group because of his/her race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, gender,

sexual orientation or disability.


Racial/bias based profiling

For purposes of this section, it is the practice of detaining a

suspect based on a broad set of criteria which casts suspicion on an entire class of people

without any individualized suspicion of the particular person being stopped. Penal Code §

13519.4 (e)

402.3 POLICY

The practice of racial/bias based profiling is illegal and will not be tolerated by this

Department. Penal Code § 13519.4 (f)

(a) It is the responsibility of every member of this Department to prevent, report and

respond appropriately to clear discriminatory or biased practices.

(b) Every member of this Department engaging in a detention shall be prepared to

articulate sufficient reasonable suspicion to justify the detention independent of the

individual’s membership in a protected class.

1. To the extent that written documentation would otherwise be completed (e.g.,

arrest report, citation, FI, etc.), the involved officer should include those facts

giving rise to the officer’s reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the


(a) Nothing in this policy shall require any officer to prepare documentation of

a contact that would not otherwise involve such reporting.

2. While the practice of racial profiling is strictly prohibited, it is recognized that

race or ethnicity may be legitimately considered by an officer in combination

with other legitimate factors to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause

(e.g., suspect description is limited to a specific race or group).

The Department will investigate all complaints of alleged racial/bias based profiling

complaints against its members. Employees found to be in violation of this policy are

subject to discipline in accordance with this Department’s disciplinary policy.

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