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The UCLA Police Department publishes detailed data about UCPD arrests. Information on race, gender, and age of those arrested, as well as year and type of violation, can be found in the interactive tables above. Please be aware of the following:

  • The tables do not include contacts that are now deemed to not have been arrests because no charges were ultimately filed. Due to the lengthy time frame reflected in the data set and inconsistent updates from the court and prosecutors, it is likely that some of the arrests included in the tables are no longer considered arrests. [Penal Code sections 849.5 and 851.6(d)]
  • The tables do not include juvenile arrests. [Welfare and Institutions Code section 827.9]
  • Individuals arrested multiple times may not have provided the same information during each arrest.
  • The tables identify race according to codes used by law enforcement in California. Race is determined:  
    • As perceived by an officer, or
    • Using documents obtained during the law enforcement process, or  
    • As self-reported by an individual.
  • Consistent with state and federal requirements, only one race code is available per arrest, even if an officer perceives an individual as multi-racial or if an individual self-reports as multi-racial.