Party Host Tips

  • Do not make alcohol the focus of your party - find a theme for your guests to socialize around
  • Consider hiring professional security staff for parties in private apartments
  • Remember to serve non-alcoholic beverages and provide food for guests. High-protein foods like cheeses, meats and peanuts will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol
  • Discourage guests from engaging in drinking games
  • Serve alcohol in closed containers to make it difficult for someone to slip a drug into drinks
  • Limit how much your guests drink
  • Avoid glass bottles which could break and cause injuries
  • Have taxi contact information available for your guests
  • Keep the party in one location and close off access to other rooms and areas
  • Inform your neighbors of your party plans ahead of time and provide them with your contact information
  • Submit a party notification form to UCLA PD (available in Related Information) in advance of your party

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